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Abi Warszawa

Abi (20)

Warszawa | 165 cm | 55 kg

Karina Warszawa

Karina (38)

Warszawa | 170 cm | 62 kg

Masaż Erotyczny Warszawa

Masaż Erotyczny (23)

Warszawa | 165 cm | 55 kg

Marysia Kraków

Marysia (27)

Kraków | 170 cm | 50 kg

Młoda masażystka Wrocław

Młoda masażystka (19)

Wrocław | 160 cm | 48 kg

Monika Warszawa

Monika (22)

Warszawa | 171 cm | 52 kg

WiktoriaEscort Warszawa

WiktoriaEscort (24)

Warszawa | 170 cm | 55 kg

Zosia Kraków

Zosia (25)

Kraków | 170 cm | 50 kg

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Erotic ads | Poland -


Escorts - rules for men and women was created with the thought of creating a place to publish sex ads by beautiful women eager to meet men.

All sex offers published inside the website require their authors to devote a few minutes to completely completing the ads, which gives the possibility of precise filtering of ads according to male expectations.


Are you a man looking for sensations? Remember the most important rules:

1. Respect each woman with respect.

2. Take care of your hygiene before meeting.

3. Don't come under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

4. Announcements contain information about the scope of services, which we advise you to confirm in advance.

5. Remember about discretion.


Are you a woman publishing private ads? Remember these rules:

1. Complete your advertisement as much as possible, which will avoid many unnecessary questions and thus save you time.

2. We invest large funds in advertising campaigns, if you do not want your advertisement to be visible, delete them immediately.

3. You can place any number of ads for any number of locations.


We are introducing a new category of articles on our blog, we will publish your stories there!

If you want to share your story anonymously in our blog, write it to: [email protected] with the subject: My story

Every man and woman has a story that he wants to share, but there is no one with whom, we give this opportunity. - personal ads and escort offers in one place.

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A festival of pleasure. TRUE STORY

A festival of pleasure. TRUE STORY


"And what do you have, beauty, to offer? I must admit that I saw you in the crowd already in the evening and I'm glad that I could help you, but since you offer compensation, I'm waiting for suggestions."

GFE what does that mean?

GFE what does that mean?


GFE meetings have been gaining popularity lately. Many industries have evolved over time and this is also the case in the sponsorship and prostitution industries.

I was 16 and he was 40. TRUE HISTORY

I was 16 and he was 40. TRUE HISTORY


When I was a teenager, I was still in high school and lived with my parents. They had a friend who often came to us.

How many calories are burned by orgasm?

How many calories are burned by orgasm?


The more orgasms, the more calories you burn! So don't waste more time and get to work!

Sex and health.

Sex and health.


Sex soothes the pains, firms the skin and regulates our pressure ...

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